Milford Eagles

milford.gifMilford is proving to be one of the toughest C1 helmets for us to get information about. This picture is all I kind find of it today. I know I’ve seen a better picture, but Google is failing me right now. It is a purple shell with a white stripe and mask. The decal is a shield of some type, but of course, you can’t see that here. Can anyone help with more information on the Eagles?

Update: A comment on this post says the Milford shield looks a lot like this:

Anyone have a good pic of the helmet itself?

On the good news front, Coach Hudson is sending us a decal so we can create a Ravenna helmet. That decal was tricky like Milford, so there’s hope!

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2 Comments on “Milford Eagles”

  1. Former Eagle Says:

    The Milford decal on their helmet used to be very similar to the “Eagle Talon” logo on the old Eagle cars. I am betting that Coach Hingst would send you a copy. You are correct with the shield look.

  2. Former Eagle Says:

    This is very similar to what the logo looked liked when I played, only “Eagles” instead of “Eagle.” Good luck!

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