McCook revisited

A few odds and ends from a trip to McCook High School recently. First, McCook has a nice presentation of trophies and memorabilia. I like it when a high school makes an effort to display its history in an intriguing manner. McCook definitely fits that definition.

The prize for me was the display of Jeff Kinney’s tear-away jersey from the Game of the Century: Nebraska 35, Oklahoma 31, 1971.

The second image is a close up of Kinney as a McCook QB. I got an impromptu tour of the trophies from a wonderful man in a wheelchair who told me stories of great games (he was at the 1946 McCook-GI Big Ten Championship game that featured Leo McKillip and Bobby Reynolds in which McKillip’s weaving punt return was the game-winner) and of coaching Kinney in Little League.

This sign caught my interest; it celebrates the Bison’s 1956 upset of undefeated Hastings in the Big Ten title game. It cost the Tigers a mythical state title. I assume the “3” is for the McCook field goal in the 3-0 classic.

(Maybe the “3” means something else? Anyone know?)

The final pic I took is the traveling Holdrege-McCook football trophy. When’s the last time that actually traveled east? I love traveling trophies; what other rivals compete for one? Have any been lost in state scheduling?

Update on my earlier post about McCook’s interlocking MC logo and its Bison head. Both are prominent at on the walls and displays of MHS. The interlocking MC is far from a football-only logo.

Update #2: According to the comment section McCook has defeated Holdrege 13 straight times since the last Duster win in 1996.  Eleven regular season wins and two triumphs in the playoffs.

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One Comment on “McCook revisited”

  1. bison Says:

    Holdrege last defeated McCook in 1996. thta span is 11 regular season games and 2 playoff games as well

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